Farmington River Report, Week of June 7

Our last several trips have been productive with nymphs on suspension rigs mostly and when conditions were favorable hot streamer bites.

Yesterday’s long float; Pipeline to New Hart Center was 10 hrs mostly because we began to encounter fish (same as the trip before) right at pipeline and honored the old saw; don’t leave fish to find fish.
Fish were caught throughout the day starting right at the put in. Not much eating the soft hackles but were eating Strolis Classified Cadis Pupa under Elk Hair Caddis and later under Sulfer Duns, also Ph. tail, Zebra Midge and Copper Johns.

Two good fish were taken; est one of 16 but probably 17” on the verge of becoming a real fish and one of 18 or 19” (a real fish)…. The larger of the two appeared wild the smaller my guess a survivor strain 2 yr old.
Not much of a spinner fall in lower Boneyard a normal go to for me but a few were caught on spinners and sulfur emergers.

It would be really nice for me and for the industry if we could have some drift boat access such that each in or out was no too difficult; Pipeline, Church, Cherry, Collinsville and the Meadows. These could provide handicap access and serve multiple purposes. canoe and kayak access, tubers.drift boats and rafts. This would also be helpful to the Vets (the guy in the pic yesterday is a wounded warrior). It would cost little to provide a gravel access like the Tube Take Out (in Canton) at these several locations.

Seth Boynick