About Seth Boynick

As a Flyfishing Guide

I grew up fishing the Farmington River, Connecticut's most viable trout river and one of the finest tailwaters in New England. I have witnessed the river's improvement since I began to fish it extensively in the 1960s. I primarily guide using drift boats on the Farmington throughout the season for trout, and during the springtime on the Connecticut River for striped bass. Basic Instruction, casting lessons and wade fishing are also offered..

I own one of the only guide services using drift boats on the Farmington, employing either his 15’ Clackacraft or 14’ inflatable depending on water conditions. I take pleasure in introducing even veteran fly anglers to fishing from a drift boat, which allows access to lesser-known waters otherwise difficult to fish. Some of these sections of the Farmington River have incredible fish densities as well as the largest trout in the system. My clients often encounter trout in the 18" to 20" range – and larger. In addition to the fantastic fishing, the scenery is beautiful: It is not unusual to see deer, eagles, beavers, bears and mink while on a float.

On Long Island Sound, I fish from a 24' Boston Whaler with twin 200HP engines designed to get there and back safely. We focus on fly rod striped bass (stripers), bluefish, and the magnificent, hard-figting false albacore.


As an Expert in Sporting and Collectable Firearms

Our firearms business evolved from a lifelong love of quality sporting and collectable firearms. We have been buying, collecting and trading fine sporting firearms since the 1960s. We have relationships with a large network of private collectors and shops. Our northeast/New England location allows us access to a number of guns which may be hard to find in other areas of the country simply because this is the region where most were at one time manufactured.

We pride ourselves in fair dealing and are able to provide many references.