Farmington River fishing picking up

On a drift trip of the Farmington, we saw few bugs and no spinner fall despite conditions being almost but perhaps not quite OK for that.

By working hard, my client got consistent fish at least enough to keep it interesting; until the end of the day all little stockers, all on nymphs (Hendricksons and Tungsten bead head sparkle pupa and soft hackle wets with a dropper tie).

Then getting him into a place where there is often a better fish  and not possible to fish without a boat or raft, he got a great 20” Brown on a dry dropper with the fish eating the emerger dropper. Hot fish! Needed to beach the boat to land her. A very happy guy who said that was the biggest trout he’d caught including Idaho and Montana where he fishes somewhat often. It was classic of a big fish take; barely a dimple on the water except for the boil after taking the fly.