2018 CT DEEP Weekly Fishing Report


TROUT- RIVERS & STREAMS - Conditions should be good for trout fishing in most areas this weekend. Currently, flows are higher than normal in eastern CT due to the heavy rain earlier this week and at or around typical spring levels in the rest of the state, generally comfortable weather (but with a few showers) is forecast, and there are plenty of recently stocked trout waiting for anglers. As water temperatures warm, fishing should improve from Opening Day’s slow start. 

Farmington River - Opening Day trout fishing was mostly fair. West Branch flows have improved since last week, now clear, and just somewhat on the high side, currently 341 CFS at Riverton plus an additional 274 CFS from the Still River. Conditions should be fair for the upcoming weekend with comfortable weather forecast and moderately high flows (note that there may be an additional reduction in flows through the weekend). Anglers will have to work some for their fish. 

Typical mid-April hatches/patterns include Blue Wing Olive, Hendrickson (will appear mid-April when it warms up a bit), Winter/Summer Caddis, Stonefly nymphs, Midge and Blue Quill. Nymphs (#18-22) are always a good go-to fly, try Bead Head, Midge Pupa, Brassie, Zebra Midge or Copper John patterns. Streamers are also a good option (White Zonkers & Buggers (#4-12) as well as Muddlers, Mickey Finn, Grey or Black Ghost). 

Housatonic River - Conditions for the weekend will be fairly good. The TMA section was stocked on 4/26 and the fish should be willing to bite. Comfortable weather is forecast, flows are a bit high but very fishable. currently 1,770 CFS at Falls Village and 2,710 CFS at Gaylordsville. Morning water temperatures are currently in the low-mid 40’s. 

Hatches/patterns. Typical patterns for mid-April include March Brown (#10-12), Pheasant Tail (#12-18), Stoneflies (#6-10), Pheasant Tails (#14-20), and Black Stoneflies (#18-22). Look for Hendriksons soon. 2018 CT DEEP Weekly Fishing Report No. 1, 4/26/2018

Nymphing (try Bead Head, Midge Pupa or Copper johns) and streamers (such as White/Yellow Zonkers or Wooly Buggers) are good options. 

Stocking update for the week of 4/23-4/27Note that other stockings can be found in our current stocking report or by using the interactive trout stocking map. 

RIVERS & STREAMSIn eastern Connecticut; Indiantown Brook, Hunts Brook, the Moosup River (including the TMA), the Coginchaug River and the Salmon River ((including the TMA). Shetucket River, Yantic River (Open), Bigelow Brook, Beaver Brook, Farm River (upper and lower), Branford River, Hammonasset River, Natchaug River,Eight Mile River and the Jeremy River. 

In western Connecticut; Leadmine Brook, Muddy River, the Farmington River TMA (year-round catch-and-release area only) and the Farmington River TMA (the West Branch Farmington River from the Goodwin Dam down to the upper boundary of the year-round catch-and-release area), and the Housatonic River TMA. (TMA = Trout management area). 

LAKES & PONDS - The weather was nearly ideal for an Opening Day morning. However, the fish were not cooperative in most places. Most have let us know that the catching was terrible, leaving many to question our stocking. The fish are there, they just have to cooperate. For example, one angler called to let us know that Mashapaug Lake didn’t give up a fish, while at Bigelow Hollow Pond anglers were doing great. Stocked nearly the same amount and time, not sure the difference in catch rate. More recently, fishing has picked up in some places including Crystal Lake, Highland Lake (at about 10 ft) and West hill Pond (lots being caught near the surface). 

Lakes and ponds stocking update for the week of 4/23-4/27

In eastern Connecticut; Black Pond (Woodstock), Broad Brook Mill Pond, Somersville Mill Pond, Freshwater Pond, Cedar Lake, Bashan Lake, Uncas Lake, Higganum Reservoir and Hanover Reservoir. 

In western Connecticut; Wononskopmuc Lake. 

TROUT PARKS: The Day Pond, Southford Falls, Stratton Brook, Wharton Brook, Wolfe Park (Great Hollow Pond), Valley Falls Park Pond, Mohegan Park, Schreeder Pond, Chatfield Hollow Trout Parks were stocked this week. 

COMMUNITY FISHING WATERS: Keney Park Pond was stocked this week. 

LARGEMOUTH BASS fishing is generally slow in many areas, but action should begin to pick up as water temperatures warm. Targeting dark bottom warmer back water coves is suggested for some action. Some big fish have been found (see tournament reports for 8.5 lb and 6.7 lb bass catches).. 

Tournament angler Largemouth Bass reports are from Amos Lake (slow, 2.83 lb lunker), Mansfield Hollow (slow fishing for most, but several found the spot, lunker was a 6.69 lb beauty caught by Kyle Smith), Pachaug Pond (fair, 3.88 lunker), Pattagansett Lake (tough day, 2.8 lb lunker), Candlewood Lake (good for some, tough for many, 3.74 lb lunker), Silver Lake (slow for a kayak club), Lake Lillinonah (tough, 2.71 lb & 1.66 lb lunkers), and Lake Zoar (slow, 2.5 lb lunker). Catch of the month so far is an 8.5 lb largemouth caught by Chris Bieler fishing the Reynolds tournament on Candlewoo. 

SMALLMOUTH BASS. Smallmouth are being caught at Candlewood Lake. Also some good reports from Rainbow Reservoir. Even for smallies, water temps need to warm some. Tournament angler reports are from from Candlewood Lake (good for some, fair for many, 5.6 lb, 4.5 lb lunkers), Lake Lillinonah (fair to good, 4.76 lb & 3.91 lb lunkers), and Lake Zoar (slow, 1.82 lb lunker). 

CONNECTICUT RIVER The Connecticut River is still muddy, and cold with lots of logs and debris floating down but it is actually below average for flow—at 33,000 CFS. Water temperature at Haddam on Sunday at 9 C (48 F), which is supposed to be too cold for shad but the next day the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service reported catching a few shad in the Mattabesset River and that some anglers were catching shad in the lower Farmington River. 

Not much action at Rainbow yet but StanChem is passing a few fish, including one sea-run trout. Not much other than a few suckers seen in the lower river tributaries, although we have more reports of Alewife below the Rt. 151 bridge on the Salmon River. Rowan reports the stripers he is seeing are too small to eat the adult Alewives. The suckers are moving up at Moulson Pond and Leesville fishways. 

BOWFIN in the 5 pound range and 20 inches were reported in the side channels and coves

Stream flow conditions

Data in the state graphic to the left are generated by the United States Geologic Survey (USGS) and are available on line at: http://waterdata.usgs.gov/ct/nwis/rt 

A percentile is a value on a scale of one hundred that indicates the percent of data in the data set equal to or below it. For example streamflow greater than the 75th percentile means only ¼ of the streamflow values were above the value and thus would be considered “above normal”. Stream flow between the 25th and 50th are considered to be “normal flows” and those 25th or less are considered to be “below normal”. 

Seth Boynick